Liam Kiffer
Staff Writer

The first day of the 2018-2019 school year is officially underway for a nearly 600 students (180 freshmen).
Principal Bob Marshall is especially excited for the new year as its a chance for everyone to have a fresh start.
“The whole concept of seeing everyone in a new light again is always fun,”Marshall said. “It’s really fun too to watch people change from over the summer, not just physically but in maturity as well. It’s interesting to see people change into adults.”
Kayhi has set a new code of behaviors that they expect students and staff to follow for the new year, including being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind. Marshall is making a personal goal to instill this mindset into each and every person involved with Kayhi.
“Were trying to change the culture of the behavior expectations here at Kayhi,” Marshall said. “Not that I didn’t think our students didn’t already exhibit those behaviors, but I think it’s important to put an emphasis on it.”
Senior Wyatt Barajas is enjoying his time so far as the big man on campus.
“It’s crazy that we’ve actually made it this far and that were the oldest kids in the school now,” Barajas said. “For the longest time I’ve been looking up to all the older and bigger kids and now this year that’s finally me.

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