Freshmen Elections

Kayhi Freshmen SBA elections were held today Wednesday Sept. 5th at 11 p.m. Caleb Eisenhower and Braxton Zinc are running for president, Nicole West is running unopposed for the vice president position and nobody is in the running for the secretary position.

Caleb Eisenhower is hoping, if he wins, to get participation from the whole freshmen class this year.

“I want to get everyone in the freshmen class involved early in the year,” said Eisenhower. “I have a lot of ideas and would really like to win.”

Braxton Zink, said he has a lot of experience with politics and is able to work well with his fellow peers.

“I have been interested in politics for a long time,” Zink said. “Even before the 2016 election, which I think was when most people got interested into it.”

Nicole West who is running for freshman vice president, said she’s great with public speaking and has an open schedule.

“In the aspect of supporting any decisions that the student body makes or any events or fundraisers I’d be glad to support it,” West said. “This year I really want to get involved.”

With the new school year in place, SBA is ready for new ideas and even newer members.

Kayhi SBA secretary, junior Laura Sherrill said

“Everyone has the same amount of importance as everyone else on the SBA,” Sherrill said. “ That’s what really makes our SBA special.”

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