Year two of laptops

Cade McAllister
Staff Writer

Laptops have been distributed and with them comes the same question, “Are laptops really useful in the classroom?”
Sophomore Josh Gentry said the computers can be a distraction and that he prefers textbooks.
“I think kids get distracted while using them, like there’s a bunch of websites you can go off to and get off task,” said Gentry. “[textbooks] makes me visualize it more. It’s better when it’s right in front of me.”
On the other hand, Senior Chance Dyakanoff really likes having them so close and ready to use.
“I think they’re actually really good, because if you have a more computer prone class, you don’t have to go to the computer lab.”
For Kayhi, computers are a fairly new idea, with Kayhi not having them until last year. For some teachers this is a really nice addition, like Spanish teacher Ben Borgelt.
“I’m building my curriculum online on Canvas, and I would not be able to function basically at all this year if the kids did not have laptops,” said Borgelt.
He also thought that kids are in need of being taught proper ways to use these computer. “A lot of kids don’t know how to monitor their own screen time and they get pretty absorbed with being on a screen for hours at a time each day.”
These computers come with a $20 fee, and are available for upperclassmen to purchase at the end of the school year.

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