School Safety

Kristian Pihl
Staff Writer

School safety has always been one of the biggest issues and concerns revolving around any school around the country.
Since 2012, there have been 237 school shooting in America. Violence and bullying in schools across America happens on a daily basis. Kayhi, just like any other school is taking the necessary precautions to ensure a safer school environment. Ketchikan High School Principal Mr. Marshall is doing all he can to make sure Kayhi is as safe as it can be.
“Kayhi is actively working on making the school safe,” said Marshall. “Kayhi has a safety committee, a company called safe havens which is made up by vice principal Mr. Maxwell and other teachers/faculty members.”
Kayhi safety officer Darryl Nichols is on campus during school hours keeping the students in check. “The staff is much more aware of things, more eyes are out in the hallway,” said Nichols.
“Kayhi is one of the safer schools I have seen. The student body at Kayhi should be very proud of themself.”
School safety and the prevention of violence from the campus is just as big of a deal to students as it is to staff. Most schools across the country have been taking action by including more technology, and more security on campus to prevent violence. Junior Connor O’Bryan’s said his biggest concern kids face at school would be bullying. “Bullying hasn’t been much of an issue at all since I’ve started high school.”
Senior Jon Barron also gave his outtake of his concern for kids at school, “I have yet to hear anything that would keep kids unsafe at Kayhi.”
“I want students to know when they come to school, they shouldn’t be worried about being harassed or anything like that,” Marshall said. “Kids need to know this is a safe place. I want students to come to school knowing we’re going to do everything we can to make Kayhi a safe environment for everyone.”
Long time teacher Mr. O’Brien stated that the goal to being safe is working together.
“We all have to be vigilant and and kind to each other,” said O’Brien. “We all need to be helpers and listen to each other. Problems like these are very unsettling. But Kayhi is very fortunate, we have a tremendous staff and student body. You really see and feel that we do care about each other.”

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