Football Falls to Houston

The Kayhi Kings suffered their first defeat of the season on Friday to the Houston Hawks. The Kings lost 22-20 in an intense game against the Hawks. With Houston winning, they will become the leading team in the Peninsula Conference with a record of 4-1, Kayhi will drop to second with a record of 3-1.
The Kings had a tough first half  trailing 14-0 at halftime. They outscored the Hawks 20-8 in the second half, but they fell just short.
The Kings were down 3 starting players. Senior Stevie Byron (suspension), senior Mark Jasper (hand), and junior Brendon Roof (knee).
Senior quarterback Brendon Wong threw 2 touchdown passes to Junior wide receiver CJ Jasper. Senior Brandon Wieber and Jasper were the only 2 to score for Kayhi. Jasper scored a total of 18 points, and Wieber scored 2 points.
“CJ was amazing,” senior Brandon Wieber said,”he was quick and no one could get a hand on him.”
Junior CJ Jasper had the lone interception of the game, returning it 75 yards for a touchdown. Junior Jackson Kaye and senior Tyler Mclaren recovered 2 fumbles for Kayhi.
Kayhi will travel to Homer this weekend for their third conference game.

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