The ripple effect of enrollment

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Cade McAllister
Staff Writer

This year, Kayhi has one of the largest freshman classes in recent years, with a class of 175 freshmen bringing our total enrollment to about 575 students. Mrs. O’Brien is the freshman and sophomore classes counselor, and she says that the big changes are really just the freshmen class sizes.
“The freshman science classes are a bit bigger,” said O’Brien. “The Algebra Ones are really big too.”
Mr. Sivertsen, one of our science class teachers-isn’t a fan of teaching large classes. He prefers the close teaching relationship he can develop with his students.
“It makes a difference having fewer students, and it feels like a more intimate experience.”
For Mr. Scarzella, his Algebra one class size hasn’t changed much from previous years.  
“Traditionally it’s around 20ish, so this year is 17, but a few of the kids transferred out at the beginning of the year to get me to 17, so they’re actually in a different Algebra one class. But traditionally it’s about the same, for me anyway.”
On the contrary, Mr. Raber’s classes have grown in size from last year.
“[Classes are] bigger than last year for sure, like mid 20s.”
Mrs. Troina’s english department has taken on a few more teachers to accommodate for. 
“We have more freshmen teachers than we usually do,” said Troina. “We usually just have three freshmen teachers each year for English One, so we have five different teachers for it now.”
She also mentioned that the English department didn’t have enough books to loan out individually to students. Instead, they’ve had to keep the books in class.


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