Summer Jobs in Ketchikan

Jon Barron
Staff Writer

With Summer now ending and school beginning, high school students are ending their summer jobs and getting back to their school routine.Ketchikan has tons of job opportunities during the Summer within tourism. These jobs include working at restaurants, gift shops, outlet stores, and many more.

Junior Josateki McGoon worked at Annabelle’s Keg & Chowder House for half of the Summer. He made $1700 and nearly $800 of that was in tips.

“It was a pretty great experience,” said McGoon. “You make a lot of money just in tips if you do a good job and you can make more than on your regular paycheck.”

Junior Conner O’Bryan worked at the outlet store in the Salmon Landing.

“It’s not necessarily a fun job at all,” said junior Conner O’Bryan. “It’s a good job for learning how to deal with people but other than that it’s not a fun job.

Conner pulled in roughly $3000 in the course of three months which met his goal.

“My favorite part of the job was stocking because I didn’t have to deal with the tourists,” said O’Bryan. “My least favorite part was just being there.”

Senior Bailey Fousel worked for port security. She was interested in the job after hearing good things about it from other people.

“I would love to work for port security next year,” said Fousel. “I love working downtown whether it’s a slow or chaotic day, rain or shine.”

Her favorite part of the job was having real conversations with tourists. Fousel said she never had a financial goal but did end up making around $4500.

Not all jobs revolve around tourism. Senior Molly Stump worked at the local movie theatre for part of the Summer.

“I honestly disliked the hours so much,” said Stump. “Sometimes I would work 11 hour days with two two hour shifts.”

Stump pulled in about $550 in her time working there.

“It’s a good part time job to have during the winter,” said Stump. “My favorite part of the job was being with my coworkers. I couldn’t stand working there without them.”

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