National Peace Day

Photo by Sarah Campbell

Madison Rose
Staff Writer

How can one make the world a more peaceful place? How about starting by promoting National Peace Day. Imagine a place of no violence and troubling disputes between one another. A utopia of safety, kindness and love. It is great to think of such a wonderful place, but as humans we are not perfect. Does that make peace an impossible thing to acquire? I believe peace can be attained through a single person, with a simple act.
Here are three things anyone can do to help.
1. Be nice. (Seems pretty self explanatory that peace and kindness accompany each other, which is exactly why people should be.)
2. Spread the love. (Exposing others to being treated with grace and love is part of creating peace)
3. Give. (Giving is a representation and example of how to show peace.)
Everyone is aware and understands what peace can do for society. But now it’s time to take charge and put peace into action. Being friendly is an easy task and requires minimal amount of effort. Even if you’re not feeling your best, it’s important to remain considerate of others. Often times we become absorbed in our own problems and forget how our behavior can cause a ripple effect. Bad events and negative things can be a drop of poison, destroying all things beautiful. But, an act of kindness or an example of peace, can restore good and maybe create something that wasn’t there before.
I have seen the impact that peace can do and hope it continues to grow throughout the world. Peace can be applied to any situation, whether its investing in the world or to your inner self, it can make a more positive and happier atmosphere.
Honoring Sept. 21 as National Peace Day was the first step the United Nations took in realizing the need for peace. But why have just one day when everyday can be peace day. This is how you spread the love and get the message across to others. Softening your hearts towards one another and doing good deeds will not only create a better world, but also a more superior life of living. This is why people should part take in Peace Day. In attempt to motivate others and find refuge.
Peace can be described as many things, one of which “giving” plays a big role in. For instance; Instead of thinking about your next shopping spree for the latest fashion, perhaps save that money for a cause or donation. Same thing goes when it comes to spending your free time. Maybe instead of watching the news about dramatic events that drain you, direct your attention to healthy living and ways you can enhance your life. If you’re a very enthusiastic (outgoing)  person, I highly suggest investing your energy towards acts of peace. Point being that giving doesn’t have to be something extravagant, and it can easily be applied to your lifestyle. It’s the impact that giving has to offer and how it’s a step towards making a difference.
People go wherever the light goes, and if one person stands then soon others will follow seeking to reach the light. If people can come as one and express gestures of tranquility, then to me the world will build its way into a better place.


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