2018 Municipal Election Recap

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

Felix Wong (1,345) and Sven Westergard (1,13) were the winners for the two Borough Assembly seats. Austin Otos (1,086), Dan Bockhorst (760), James Montgomery (312), and Dani Pratt (280) were the other candidates.  

Matt Eisenhower(1,511), Sonya Skan (1,300), and Rachel Breithaupt (1,274) came out on top  for the three open seats on the School Board. Bridget Mattson was close behind with 1,004 votes and Lana Boler finished with 689 votes.

The City Council race was not as tight as the Borough Assembly or School Board. Sam Bergeron (695) and Janalee Gage (836) won the two seats and  came out ahead of Spencer Strassburg (428) and Dragon London (355).

Election Day in Ketchikan saw a 3% increase in voter turnout. Last year’s local election saw 21% of Ketchikan residence vote, and this year 24% went to the polls.



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