Red Ribbon Week


Tarrant Sasser
Staff Writer

Kayhi students had another reason to wear XtraTufs, Tuesday – to Give Drugs the Boot for Red Ribbon Week.
Red Ribbon Week is to raise awareness in the fight against using tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. For another year Kayhi is getting involved.
Vice Principal Cole Maxwell said Red Ribbon week is important. “We are bringing it back to mind, and letting people know that this is a problem and we want to help make the change.”
The National Red Ribbon Campaign was first started in 1985 by a handful of parents after a Drug Enforcement Administration Agent named Enrique Camarena who had his life taken by a drug cartel while at lunch. In Camarena’s memory people wore red to honor his battle against illegal drugs. Groups were formed and they adopted a symbol of Camarena’s memory, a red ribbon.
Kayhi and the Pep Club are getting students involved with a different activity and theme everyday this week to raise awareness.

Monday- we are bringing non-perishables for the Kayhi food pantry to help those in need.
Tuesday- wear boots, we are giving drugs the boot
Wednesday, wear your red to honor Camarena
Thursday- wear neon to represent our bright futures without drugs
Friday- wear schools colors because Kayhi chooses to come together and be drug free

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