Staff Pick

This weather has me feeling…

Olivia Kinunen:
The weather has me feeling really tired and sad. I wake up and it’s dark outside. I get out of school and it’s already dark outside. I’m really not a fan of it, and it makes me unmotivated to do anything. It has messed with my sleep schedule and now I can barely wake up for school. The cold and stormy weather has made me sad that summer is long gone. I’m ready to be back in 70 degree weather with nothing to worry about.

Tarrant Sasser:
This weather has me feeling tired and rushed. I look outside and it is dark. Even at lunch it’s cloudy and darker than usual. It is not good to live in the dark, and I know it’s starting to take effect on myself and the people around me. We do not have time do anything outside because it gets dark an hour after school gets out. The weather makes me not want to do anything. It drains the life out of everyone and everything. It just seems to dull everyone down. On top of all the darkness, the constant rain and wind does not help at all.

Jared Valentine:
This weather has me feeling warm and cozy. There is a case to be made for staying home in a storm to bake something yummy, curl up in a ball with a heated blanket and some hot cocoa, and binge watch scary movies or a favorite tv show. Like any teenager, I would rather be outside having a bonfire with friends, jumping off the docks, swimming at a lake, or even just soaking up the sun on the porch, but the change in weather isn’t as bad as most make it out to be.

Abbigail Gaugler:
The weather has me feeling bored and unmotivated. Of course I’m excited for the upcoming holidays and Halloween, but the weather isn’t really aiding to the joyfulness of Christmas or Thanksgiving. Being able to go on walks was one thing I really enjoyed doing during the sunny days and I probably still can, but only with multiple layers. It’s also really a hassle having to dry everything off when you walk in from being outside so this time of year is when indoor activities or movie nights become the norm.


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