Halloween Showdown

Dametre Williams-Martin
Staff Writer

It’s Halloween, the day the most iconic killers like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface (Bubba Sawyer), murder for our entertainment. What if they had to duel against each other?

Duel #1
When running a contest between Michael and Leatherface it’s really a hands down win to Michael due to his overwhelming strength advantage. This is shown by his ability to carry a tombstone. With the ability to take a hit Michael has survived everything from being stabbed to being dipped in acid. Leather face just has no means to compete with the equivalent of a sandbox hero. Leatherface is by no means weak, but he just has no feats of strength or resilience that can compare to Michael

Winner: Michael Myers

Duel # 2
This is the most even fight in this list and that’s between Michael and Jason. Jason has far more kills to his name and more combat experience but Michael carries the strength advantage still. With this matchup Jason’s pure battle experience is a big advantage when going up against two people of equal power. Michael’s resilience is a huge help and allows him to stay in the fight, but he’s not invincible. He falls to the common debilitate to decapitate.

Winner: Jason

Duel # 3
Jason and Leatherface is just a hands down win to Jason. Jason has more strength, more speed, and is more resilient. Leatherface, who’s chainsaw provides reach, fails when Jason brings out his bow skills and his ability to teleport. Leatherface is by far the weakest of 80s slashers. He is pretty much just a really strong human. One good hit from Jason would shred him, where Jason could stay in the fight and keep swinging.

Winner: Jason

With this, it has been decided Jason is the biggest fish in the pond of 80’s slashers, leaving Michael and Leatherface in the dust. 

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