Staff Pick

Thankfully no one wanted to be this character…Illustration by Isabella Schreckhise


If you could be (not wear a costume) any fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?

Madison Rose: I would 100% be Elastigirl. Not only does she have the advantage of reaching the remote without having to move from her position,  but with her power, my short body would no longer be belittled by short jokes. Instead everyone can face the wrath of my tallness and cower at the sight of my prolonged legs as I step over, crushing them like ants. Plus, dont get me wrong but she’s curvy like a Mcflurry. Aside from that I could also win MVP on the basketball court.  I would just dunk and swat everyone. Last but not least my little legs would no longer be a problem when it came to reaching something on the top shelf, and I can live happily ever after with the giraffes.

Jenna Miller: Stitch is the way to go. Not only is he cute, fluffy, and blue, but he has a personality like no other. Cute, but could decide to tear your head off at any given moment. He’s not only fireproof and bulletproof, but he can also lift anything three thousand times his size. So my understanding is that if I were him I would be indestructible and super strong so what else more could you want? Not to mention that I would have a human waiting on me giving me anything and everything I could possibly want or need. Being Stitch for a day would be a dream come true.

Tarrant Sasser: I would definitely go with Han Solo. Wanted space gangster with a wookie best friend. Cannot beat that. Especially flying around the galaxy on the Millennium Falcon shooting lasers at anything to stand in my way, fighting against the empire with my friends, while ripping people off and smuggling with the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Sullivan Schulz: Batman is hands down the best superhero of all time, that’s who I would be if I were a fictional character. Batman is the ultimate superhero due to his incredible intellect and his wealth. Crime fighting would be the coolest thing, beating up bad guys while also teaming up with some other super cool superheroes. During the day I would be a billionaire and at night I would be the cape crusader who drives around in a tank and fights bad guys. Hands down batman would be the coolest fictional character to be.  


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