Alumni update: Brian McClennan

Brendan Wong
Staff Writer

Kayhi alumni Brian McClennan is having success at the next level.
The former All-Conference offensive lineman is in the middle of his third year at Avila University with an offense 2nd in the league in passing yards per game, ranked 6th in the country in scoring, went (3-8) in the previous year and now (7-1) in Kansas. The Ravens are currently No. 21 in the country after beating Bethany College on Saturday.
Though McClennan is not a starter he has seen the field roughly half of the games this season. McClennan realized quickly that college ball is very different from high school.
“College ball is much harder. It’s harder because it never stops. We have a  regular season which is 11 games, so that is about 15 weeks.”
That is almost twice as long as his high school season.
McClennan spoke about how much the college level demands from its players compared to high school.
“We never stop lifting and working out and it starts to feel like a job,” said McClennan. “Football becomes your life and you really find out if you really love football once you play college ball.”


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