2018 Daylight Saving Time ends

IMG_0011Alex Malouf
Staff Writer

For a task as painless as setting your clock back (or forward) an hour, Daylight Saving Time gets an unusual amount of attention.
Kayhi students have mixed emotions when it comes to DST.
“Daylight Savings doesn’t affect my daily routine much, if any,” said junior Devin Dalin. “When the clocks are set back, I just wake up earlier to take advantage of every bit of sunlight possible. There isn’t much late afternoon light available for outdoor activities.”
Students at Kayhi enjoy certain aspects of DST more than others. The biggest benefit being the extra hour of sleep available after clocks are set back an hour in November. Senior Chanell Browne believes dark mornings make it harder to wake up and get ready for the day.
“Waking up in the morning is difficult,” said Browne. “Trying to find the motivation to get myself out of bed when it’s still dark outside might possibly be one of the hardest things to do.”
Browne is a fan of DST for the morning sunlight benefits, but she is not impressed by early afternoon darkness.
“Overall in my opinion, I don’t like it,” she said. “I hate how dark it gets after school. It limits the window of opportunity for outdoor activities in the afternoon, which sucks.”

Facts about Daylight Savings
-Daylight Saving Time is practiced in the Navajo Nation, AZ.
-Daylight Saving Time will resume on March 11, 2019.
-Daylight Saving time (DST) takes place every year in over 70 countries and 48 states. -Clocks are set forward one hour in March, and set back in November. DST began on March 11, 2018 and will end this Sunday, Nov. 4.
-Arizona and Hawaii do not participate in DST. Hawaii has close to the same sunrise and sunset times year round, while Arizona residents simply do not participate.
-In Australia clocks are set either back or forward only 30 minutes. Compared to the 1 hour change in the US.


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