Ortiz, Dunleavy, Young win; Prop 1. doesn’t.

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

Alaska’s midterm election was held yesterday on Nov 6. Mike Dunleavy (R) won the governor race against Mark Begich (D). Dunleavy received 52.5% of the vote while Begich received 43.7%.
Incumbent Don Young (R) prevailed in the House Election, winning his 24th term. Young defeated political newcomer Alyse Galvin (U) bringing in 54.2% of the vote compared to Galvin’s 45.8%.
Vice Principal Cole Maxwell admires Don Young but thinks his age might cause some problems.
“I like that he has experience and power to get our state what it needs,” Cole Maxwell said. “But at the same time, it’s hard to say the people my grandparents age are the best to serve”
Kayhi History teacher Leigh Woodward said that she wasn’t surprised that Don Young won again.
“Young will have to die before he loses an election,” Woodward said.
Incumbent Dan Ortiz (I) was reelected for House District 36 Representative. Ortiz defeated former Ketchikan School Board President, Trevor Shaw (R) . Ortiz received  57.6% of the vote while Shaw brought in 41.2%.
“I figured that Ortiz would win,” Woodward said. “I was surprised that Shaw got as many votes as he did.”
Prop. 1 was voted down by 63.7% to 36.3%.
“It’s surprising to see that it was so lopsided,” Maxwell said. “I figured that it’d be a little more in the middle.”

Prop. 1 Voting Breakdown/Anchorage Daily News


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