Game Models Real Life

Olivia Kinunen
Staff Writer

Seniors will be participating in the Financial Reality Fair during school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Principal Bob Marshall said the fair is supposed to model what the real world is going to be like financially after high school.
“At one point in the game people are spinning a wheel to see what’s going to happen to them,” said Marshall. “It’s kind of like the Game of Life. Things will pop up unexpectedly that are going to cost you money.”
This will be Kayhi’s second year of having it and Principal Marshall is hoping it will be just as successful as the previous year.
“Last year we did it for the first time,” said Marshall. “All the students said it was one of the best things they were involved with that actually helped them with some real life stuff.”
Senior Chanell Browne said it was a reality check and helped her realize what she needs to do in the future.
“I think it was pretty helpful because it gave us an idea of reality, and what the real world is like,” said Browne. “It helped us learn what we will have to deal with soon enough, and to start planning and saving soon for a better future.”


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