Short attends All State Choir

Dametre Williams-Martin
Staff Writer

Making All-State Choir is an impressive feat, and for senior Andrea Short, this will be her second time having gone. Her first being her junior year.
“Last year I was in women’s choir,” said Short “ This year I’m in mixed choir.”
Andrea being part of band and choir knows the amount of work it takes to make good music.
“Everyone is striving for perfection,” said Short. “We all  want to create music.”
All-State for both band and choir is auditioned for, because not everybody makes it in due to its competitive nature.
“You have the best from around the state,” said Short.“ They are all working together to make gorgeous music.”
According to Short, All-State Choir isn’t about looking good and proving your one of the best.
“I want to create good music,” said Short. “All-State is just another step towards that.”
All-State for both band and choir is held in Anchorage. There will be two days of prep time (Thursday and Friday) with a performance on Saturday

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