Staff Pick

What do you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

Alex Malouf: With my Thanksgiving leftovers I make sandwiches piled high with a variety of ingredients. Usually I stick to the basics: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberries all stuffed onto toasted bread. It’s the classic leftovers sandwich. You seriously can’t beat it. Read my article on proper sandwich etiquette. However, as the days pass by after turkey day and the leftovers swindle away, your options become limited. At that point I take bread and any scraps leftover and smother it all with gravy.

Cody Kemble: Thanksgiving leftovers are the most clutch leftovers of all time. I like to make sandwiches with the rolls, turkey, stuffing, and everything else. My favorite food item is definitely mashed potatoes and gravy, even in the days following it. You can never go wrong with throwing gravy on all the leftovers. The past couple years, my family has had prime rib for Thanksgiving dinner. It isn’t really the same as typical Thanksgiving leftovers and I miss the traditional leftover scene.

Brandon Wieber: If my family has a big get together for Thanksgiving we usually hand out left overs or at least a majority of it. Our family keeps the meats but we’ll give away the rolls, most deserts (besides apple pies), and other little finger foods. The night after, my parents usually make grilled sandwiches with turkey or the ham. After a few days and the leftovers aren’t gone then we’ll usually throw away the very last bit. Although, the next couple days after Thanksgiving we don’t make food, we just eat what’s left.

Abbigail Gaugler: We usually have the styrofoam carry-out plates filled with as much food as possible and hand them out to people as they leave the house. The food that doesn’t make it out the door is fixed for the week afterward. Our fridge is usually on the verge of breaking from the impact on the inside. For at least four days, breakfast, lunch, and dinner consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and some kind of pie. Leftovers of the leftovers are thrown away.

Sullivan Schulz: At my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, we often have multiple meats like ham, turkey, and sometimes prime rib. Though I enjoy it the most after Thanksgiving when you get to make a sandwich that includes all 3 of the meats. Occasionally I’ll throw a little bit of stuffing in there for little extra something. Altogether though, the post Thanksgiving sandwich is the way to go.

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