Tonight is the annual rent-a-wrestler auction, it will be at 5:30 in the Kayhi commons. Tickets are $10 for a a pulled pork sandwich and a side of coleslaw. Made from the Kayhi culinary students.

Junior Sullivan Schulz (170)  and senior Brandon Wieber (189) are members of the team.

Wieber: Sully are you ready for tonight? Your third ever Rent-A-Wrestler auction.

Schulz: Yeah I’m excited, I’m getting auctioned off with a Misty Fjords Tour for two. How much you think you’re going to be sold for this year?  

Wieber: Bro, I’m going to be sold for at least $250. I have $225 worth of donations from O’Reilly’s. A 67-piece tool set, light bar, emergency kit, and a hand truck, pretty good deal. It’s pretty sweet that these companies donate so much to us and they don’t get much back besides some appreciation.

Schulz: Dude! No way you go for more than me, I’m saying I go for at least $350. Last year I only went for $200, but this year I think that my Misty Fjord tour should be a huge hit.

Wieber: Debatable….
I’m thinking whoever loses has to buy the other person 3 pieces of pizza from Gold Pan or a skookie. Actually, if you go for $425 i’ll take you to lunch for the rest of the week.

Schulz: You’re on bro… I’m going to embarrass you when I go for at least $150 more than you. Same goes for you, you beat me or go for 425$ I’ll buy all your food at regions.  

Wieber: Dude, you just typed the dollar sign after the number! Lund’s going to be mad.

Schulz: Bro chill out, he told us not to worry about editing while we were typing.

Wieber: Well to be good on and off the mat you have to make sure you don’t make sucky mistakes. So, since you made a mistake on this debate you will not go for anywhere near $300.

Schulz: Yeah okay, think what you want Wieber. I wonder what we’re gonna do this year, sometimes the jobs the people have us do sucks sometimes.

Wieber: Yeah true, one time though I went to a cabin and power washed their dock. I stayed out there one night and they fed me a really good dinner.

Schulz: Last year, I helped my uncle move a fridge and a freezer, and he’s still talking about me owing him more work.

Wieber: This being my last year showed me that helping people is a nice thing to do and i’ll miss being able to do just this.

Schulz: Yeah the work sucks, but it’s so worth it. With the money we earn from the auction, we get to go on dope trips like Juneau and Wasilla.

Wieber: If you think about it, what if we go as a duo or get bought by the same person. All my stuff and all your stuff. Those people would be getting a good set of items, especially with two huge guys.

Schulz: If we went as a duo we could go for double the amount we thought. My items combined with yours would be appealing to people.

Wieber: Yeah that would be sick, class just got out, I’ll see you tonight bro.

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