Shopping for Formal School Dances

Morgan Tiffany
Staff Writer

Living in a small town in Alaska is especially hard for shopping for dresses for school dances. Not having the big stores around us forces us to shop online. With having such a wide variety of online stores it could be stressful and hectic to find the perfect dress, especially if you might only wear it once.
When I look for dresses I take into thought the theme of the dance, as an example for the Winter ball coming up this Sat. 8:00-11:00 p.m. I bought a red statian dress which took me about 4 days to look for with all of the varieties of stores and of course not wanting to spend a huge chunk of change.

Affordable dress sites:

The likelihood that you’ve heard of/have already shopped at Forever 21, but if you’re one of the few who haven’t, it’s filled with inexpensive styles, like cute rompers, flowy maxis, and plethora of cute formal dresses. Your money will definitely go a LONG way at this store because everything is so dang cheap, which makes it the perfect place to search for the perfect dress.

Boohoo has a variety of mixed clothes, whether you’re looking for a party outfit for a night with your girlfriends. You can snag yourself a $16 khaki bodycon dress and still have money left to add accessories to your cart.    

Boohoo also carries a diverse range of maternity, plus, petite, and tall styles that are super affordable.

While this site does offer some items at a higher price point, it also has affordable styles. If you sort the categories from the lowest to the highest price (who doesn’t do this, TBH?), there’s plenty of amazing steals including  $26 NAVY BLUE LACE BACKLESS SKATER DRESS .

A favorite brand of Cardi B and Kylie Jenner, Fashion Nova has the desirable bodycon dresses for, like, $20. It’s also known for the amazing fit of its jeans, which are typically under $45. Fashion Nova has plus and straight size options too.

This Swedish company is known for its insanely-low prices and trendy styles, it’s basically the clothing store version of IKEA. If you need something new to wear to a fancy dinner party, you can easily find a variety of dresses.

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