Behind the scenes with Kayhi Activities principal

IMG_8111Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

Mellisa Johnson is almost a semester into her tenure as Kayhi’s athletics principal. I asked her some questions about how her new job has gone so far.

Current: How has your first semester been as the new athletics principal?

Johnson: My first semester as the Activities Principal has been amazing!  I graduated from Kayhi and love all aspects of Kayhi activities which makes this job the best!

Current: How stressful is the activities principal job?

Johnson: The activities principal position is not stressful because I work with an amazing team of people.  I am very organized and have an amazing aid, Carter Thomas, which makes my job super rewarding.
(Carter Thomas wrote this.) 

Current: What types of things does the activities principal do?

Johnson: Some of my duties are: Eligibility of all activities through Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA), Scheduling all travel home and away, academic grade checks, organizing home events (officials, announcers, concession stand, doors, etc.), ensuring payments of activities fees, talking to the media (like the Ketchikan Daily news), meetings with players, parents, and coaches, drug testing, organizing sport physicals, answering questions from parents, supporting coaches, helping with fundraising, budgets, future scheduling, etc.

Current: With the Clarke coming up, how stressful is setting up the tournament?

Johnson: The CCCC is a tournament that the town expects and the tradition is something that people talk about for years.  I played and coached in the Clarke and watched the tournament when my kids were playing in it so I try to make sure the event is a success! There are many moving parts to the tournament and I want to make sure I don’t drop the ball on any of it.

Current: What goes into preparing a big tournament like the Clarke Cochrane?

Johnson: Preparing for the CCCC is a ton of work but I have a great team of people!  I have Lorelei Richardson, our office manager, and she knows all of the answers to my many questions.  She was the office manager when I was in high school. Phaedra will help anytime I ask, Coach Stockhausen and Coach Smith help with the details of the games.  Mrs Kern has been a great asset to the concession stand. Matt Hamilton and I have worked hard on the Sweatshirts and T-Shirts. Steve Kemble is helping with the officials.  Mr. Marshall and Mr. Maxwell will be at the event helping. Mrs. Bowlen is another good helper. The community will bring their energy and we will have some great games!

Current: What is your favorite part of the job?

Johnson: My Favorite part of the job is working with the students, the students are super fun to get to know and I love watching them kick some Juneau butt!

Current: What made you want to be the athletics principal?

Johnson: I wanted to be the activities principal because I absolutely love Kayhi and watch all of the events. I love to watch kids participate in activities they work hard in.  I love to talk to students and community members. The staff of Kayhi is super fun and I love the environment! I’m an alumni of Kayhi and my grandfather graduated in the 1930’s.  My kids are 4th generation Kayhi graduates and hopefully their kids will graduate from Kayhi too. Go Kings!


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