Staff Pick

What’s your favorite part about basketball season?

Cody Kemble: The best part is the CCCC tournament. It’s great because it’s during Christmas break, so I don’t have to worry about school or anything. We usually have a shootaround in the morning and then a bunch of us will go down to the Landing and have breakfast after. It’s pretty fun to spend a bunch of time with your teammates and then go play in front of the home crowd. Our games during the Clarke are usually at 9:15 p.m. and the stands are always packed.

Kyle Smith: My favorite part about basketball season has to be beating JD on their own court. Their pep club is always crazy and loud. Their fans are all super annoying, and most of their players are too. It always feels good to beat them on their own court and send them and their families home silent, or complaining about the game. I’m not really friends with anyone who plays for JD so it makes it that much better.

Marcus Lee: My favorite part about basketball season is the Clarke Tournament. Most of our home games is during the Clarke and I love playing in front of the community. Our attendance for the games skyrocket, especially with kids coming home from college, and the visiting teams along with their families who have never been to Alaska. Last year our first round game against Metlakatla-the gym was packed and loud. Reason because Met likes to haul their whole village to Ketchikan for the tournament. Christmas is my favorite holiday so it’s only right that my favorite part about the season falls in the mist of Christmas break. Playing basketball everyday along with the absence of school is nothing but happiness for me.

Ashley Huffine: My favorite part of basketball season is the Clarke Tournament. There is nothing better than playing in front of our home crowd, the gym is always packed and there never seems to be a time when the crowd isn’t roaring. With so many teams coming to play from all over, it brings more competition and gives you an opportunity to meet people. It’s my senior year so there is going to be a lot a bitter sweet moments like senior night where we play on our home court for the last time and get to take a moment to thank all of those who have helped us through it all and list our favorite memories together.

Madison Rose: The best part about basketball season is playing hard and expressing my passion for the game on the court. The satisfaction comes from the intensity and hustle, along with the feeling of doing a good play. Aside from game time, building relationships and connecting with players, teammates and coaches make it all worth while. Most all my favorite memories are behind the scenes, when we go shopping, mess around and get hyped before a game. For instance; as we won our 5th region title, the team dumped sprinkles all over Lund’s classroom, a memory I will never forget.

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