Quake hits Anchorage area

A 7.0 earthquake shook the Anchorage area Friday causing severe damage to roads in and around town.

Mr. Maxwell said that Kayhi has a plan in place should Ketchikan experience one during school hours.
“During the earthquake we would be in a drop, cover and hold on situation just to ride it out,” said Maxwell, “The building is made of steel so hopefully the building would hold so the walls don’t crack.”
Maxwell continued to say that, thanks to the quality of construction and backup generators, the school has been designated as an evacuation site in the event the community was greatly impacted by a quake.

Maxwell said that a tsunami would be unlikely because of the amount of islands between Ketchikan and open ocean.

The largest quake in Alaska history was March 27, 1964 which registered a 9.2. On Jan. 23, there was a 7.9 off the coast of Kodiak which caused very little damage. A tsunami warning was cancelled shortly after the quake.

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