Culinary gets $5K Grant

First year culinary teacher Cameo McRoberts was awarded the Safeway grant for education. McRoberts won $5000 for the culinary kitchen.
“This is just awesome” said Kayhi Principal Bob Marshall. “Budget is tight everywhere, so getting a grant like this allows her to purchase something for the kitchen that we normally wouldn’t have. It’s cool knowing teachers can get fundings from other places.”
The Safeway grant is for improving classrooms. McRoberts applied with intent to put a hydroponic garden into the culinary kitchen.
“I saw a hydroponic garden here in town and I knew how great that would be in our kitchen,” said McRoberts. “We live in an area where all fruits and vegetables are imported on a barge and I think it would be great to grow them in our own in class.”
McRoberts presented this idea for the Safeway grant. Now that the grant has been awarded to her she plans to purchase one for her classroom.


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