Debate performs well at Edgecumbe

Kayhi had a successful meet last weekend in Mt. Edgecumbe in their third meet of the year. DDF teacher David Mitchel commented on how well the students did.
“This was a great meet, and some of the best student performances I’ve seen all year,” said Mitchel. “The students are doing great and will be ready for their next meet.”
Senior and DDF Captain Seth Chernick placed higher than ever this past weekend.
“I was really proud with how I did this meet,” said Chernick. “I was not expecting to do as well as I did.”
The next meet will be a home meet in Kayhi in January.

Public Forum Debate

2nd-Henry Clark & Seth Chernick: 6-1 Record
3rd– Chris Brown & Jared Valentine: 5-1 Record
4th– Jackson Kaye & Savannah Nieshe: 5-1 Record
8th– Dametre Martin & Jacob King: 3-3 Record

Also 3-3 Record: Brendan Roof & Erin Shea, and Carter Thomas & Abbigail Gaugler

Speaker Points
4th– Jared Valentine
5th– Henry Clark
6th– Chris Brown
9th– Jacob King
11- Jackson Kaye
14- Dametre Martin
19th– Brendan Roof
19th– Seth Chernick
19th– Erin Shea
Out of 48 debaters

Extemporaneous Commentary

1st-     Jared Valentine
2nd-     Savannah Nieshe
3rd-     Henry Clark
4th-     Tristan Dahl
5th-     Nicole West

Extemporaneous Speaking

4th-  Carter Thomas
5th-  Chris Brown

Expository Speaking

1st-     Abbigail Gaugler
3rd-     Chris Brown
4th-     Jared Valentine

Original Oratory

4th     Carter Thomas
5th     Jacob King


Humorous Interpretation

3rd– Seth Chernick
5th-Ethan Thomas

Reader’s Theater

2nd- Seth Chernick, Henry Clark, Jared Valentine, Brendan Roof

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