UAS spring enrollment deadline Saturday

Alex Malouf 
Staff Writer

The deadline to apply for spring courses at University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan is Saturday.

UAS offers a diverse field of classes from Accounting to Diesel Technology, as well as personal enrichment classes in which official college enrollment is not required.

“For a personal enrichment class, a student can take anything they want,” said Student Services Manager Gail Klein. “As long as they meet prerequisite for that class.”

Personal enrichment is different for each individual.

“One person may be interested in Alaska History as personal enrichment, while another is interested in a welding or art class,” Klein specified.

The fall unduplicated student headcount at UAS is 715. Unduplicated headcount accounts for every student involved with the university. This includes students taking online classes.

“It’s complex in the UAS system,” said Klein. “Those 715 students may be degree seeking with us, or anchorage students taking an online class through our college.”

A large number of online classes are offered through the university as well.

“About 60 percent of classes we offer are distance delivered.” Klein said. “This basically means the class is online, but students also have the chance to interact with other students and faculty members while taking these classes.”

UAS offers a variety of degree opportunities. Degree options vary for each field of study.

“Generally speaking, we offer certificates to masters degrees,” she said. “Courses are often finished on other campuses such as UAA or UAS Juneau.”

Basic classes offered at the college include college level math and science. Career specific classes such as Maritime industry are also available.

“We offer maritime industry classes in which students can get certifications to go straight into the workforce,” Klein said. “There is a fair mix of classes for the small size campus we have.”

Klein added that students often use UAS as a building block.

“We have a lot of students whose intent is never to graduate from us,” she said. “They stay with us for a year or a semester, and get that solid foundation to move on to the next level.”

Klein explained the unique experience students encounter at UAS Ketchikan compared to larger colleges.

“We have an amazing mix of people all at different stages in their life, including former Kayhi students” she said. “Everyone brings with them different ideas and perspectives that broaden your experience.”

According to Klein, the university has advantages over other colleges by maintaining a very “student based” atmosphere.

“Whether students are looking for a full degree or just one year CNA class, we offer programs for what they need.”

For more information and a complete list of available courses and degree opportunities visit

To apply online visit


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