Wrestling to State

Eighteen Kayhi Wrestlers will travel to Anchorage to compete in the state tournament. After a successful regional tournament in Juneau, the Kings are ready to take on the rest of Alaska’s best wrestlers. Senior Patrick Rauwolf feels that he and the rest of the team will do well at the state tournament.

“I think I will at least top three in the state tournament,” Rauwolf said. “The team is at the peak of the season, and I feel like I am the best I have ever been.”

Some of the younger squad, including Andy Collins, will get a taste of state. 3rd seeded Andy Collins is excited at the opportunity to place in the tournament.

“I’m feeling good going into the state tournament,” Collins said. “I think I can make great things happen. I’m going to wrestle my hardest and hope to place high.”

Senior Brayden Linne (ranked 2nd in state before the injury), who is dealing with a torn ligament in his ankle, will not be able to participate this weekend.

“It sucks. I’ve wrestled my whole life without ever getting an injury, so to get injured my senior year is pretty upsetting,” said Linne. “I hope that my team does well and we can hopefully get a couple state placers.”

Coach Rick Collins and the rest of the team will miss Linne at the tournament.

“I’ve been coaching Brayden since he was in kindergarten,” Collins said. “Brayden is one of the best wrestlers in our schools history. From a competitive standpoint, we will definitely miss his points. But beyond that, it is very sad to have his journey end with an injury. In my opinion, he would have been a state champion.”

Because of some issues with weigh ins earlier in the season, Matthew Rodriguez’s points will not count towards the teams points. Even with Linne out, coach Collins still has high hopes for the teams final performance.

“As a result, we will be a bit back in the team standings,” said Collins. “I am thinking we will still make the top 10. Five wrestlers [Collins, Rauwolf, Degan Linne, Matthew Rodriguez, and Brandon Weiber] placed at the Lancer Smith a few weeks ago. I feel like any of those five are capable of winning state.”

Seeding for State:

Sr. Matthew Rodriguez – 3rd
Sr. Patrick Rauwolf – 3rd
So. Andy Collins- 3rd
Sr. Brayden Linne- 2nd (Before the injury)
Fr. Degan Linne – 5th
Sr.Richard Stuart- 6th
Sr.Brandon Wieber- 4th
Fr. Kollin Houthoofd- 4th

State Qualifiers:
Ruby Mccue
Brock Thomas
Charles Blair
Louisse Bueno
Andy Collins
Brayden Linne
Patrick Rauwolf
Mathew Rodriguez
Richard Stuart
Loreal Linne
Kai Biagi
Carson Cowan
Hayley Gilson
Kollin Houthoofd
Degan Linne
Ada Odden
Conner Ray
Benjamin Tabb

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