2019-2020 School year scheduling

Olivia Kinunen
Staff Writer

Finals are over, but semester one still lingers on through January, next year it is possible this will not be the case.
Kayhi Vice Principal Cole Maxwell said the Kayhi staff is looking to change things up next year.
“Initially some of us were under the impression that we couldn’t just change the schedule, and we had to have a big school board meeting,” said Mr. Maxwell. “But the reality is, we can choose when our quarters are.”
Mr. Maxwell said that even though the number of weeks in each quarter won’t be equal with each other, there will theoretically be an equal number of actual workdays.
“It has always been a debate, there aren’t as many weeks before winter break than after,” said Maxwell. “But when you look at how many days in the spring we lose to things like testing and regions where we lose half of the school and subtract those days out, it might be about the same amount of instructional days.”
The Kayhi staff will make their final decision on the 2019-2020 calendar by next month.

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