IT Fundamentals

Logan Ohmer
Staff Writer

Kayhi recently announced that there will be a new zero hour class introduced called “IT Fundamentals”, which is available for any student to take. Matt Beimler will be teaching the class.
“IT Fundamentals (Information Technology) is going to be a basic overview of computers and the information technology field,” said Beimler. “Students will be able to learn things like maintaining, repairing, and upgrading a computer, a well as being able to apply the techniques to real life scenarios.”
The class has a total of 11 students joining. Student and KGBSD Tech Intern Eli Bright is one of the students taking the class.
“I think it’s about time we had classes like this, because I believe that the world of computer technology isn’t dying out anytime soon,” said Bright. “The great thing is that this could be a hobby or a full on career, and that is a pretty appealing quality of technology.”
The IT Fundamentals class starts today, as part of the new semester.


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