Boys Basketball to Anchorage

The Kayhi boys (8-5) travel to Anchorage this week to participate in the Alaska Airlines Tournament at West Anchorage High School. The Kings look to come back after placing 5th last week in the O’Brady’s Tournament at South Anchorage High School.
“We’ve got a few things we need to change in this tournament,” senior Kyle Smith said. “Rebounding is a huge, we lost 17 offensive rebounds to East which really set us behind.” Rebounding has been issue for the Kings. Kayhi gave up 17 rebounds to East in the semi final game last week. Playing through the half has been an issue for the Kings too. In all of Kayhi’s wins they were ahead at half. Opposite goes for losses, in 3 of the Kings 5 losses Kayhi has been ahead in the 1st quarter and fallen behind by half.
This game means a lot to the team, they had a goal to go five for five in tournaments this year. Senior Cody Kemble sees this tournament as a rallying point for the team after last weeks 5th place turnout.
“We want to win this tournament,” Kemble said. “We weren’t on our game last week, so winning this tournament would help rally our team and show the Anchorage teams that we are good competition.”

Kayhi will face West Valley (8-5) in the first round of the tournament Thursday at 3 p.m.

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