News Briefs

HSEL is a high school organization that organizes competitive video game tournaments for scholarships, and connects its students to college recruiters. Teams play one game series a week, with the top eight teams at the end of six weeks, moving to the playoffs.  
Kayhi entered week two of the HSEL winter open with the League of Legends, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege teams competing over the course of the week.
The League of Legends team lost 2-0 to the Bexley Lions, putting them at 1-.
The Rocket League team won 3-2 against Hoban Esports putting them at 2-0.
The Rainbow SIx Siege team tied 1-1 against Timberwolf Esports putting them at 0-1-1.

League Of Legends players:
Captain Donald Rayner
Kim Villafor
Franklyn Correa
John-Luke Calderon
Tom Correa
(sub) Grant Dulay
(sub) Ivan Credito
(sub) Iverson Credito
(sub) Gabe Cruz

Rainbow Six Players:
Captain Alexander Trugon
Logan Ohmer
Eli Bright
Cade Fawcett
Brendon Hoage
(sub) Devin Cragun
(sub) Daniel Neufeldt
(sub) Dylan Dolsky

Rocket League Players:
Captain Dametre Williams-Martin
Gregory Merle
Grant Dulay
(sub) Josh Ryan

Kayhi’s Drama Debate and Forensics team (DDF) concluded its home meet on Saturday, concluding all of the Region V exclusive meets. The results are as follows:

Public Forum Debate
Out of 23 Teams in Debate, in
3rd Place: Brendan Roof & Carter Thomas 5 wins-1 loss
4th Place Jacob King & Abby Gaugler 5 wins-1 loss
6th Place Chris Brown & Jared Valentine 4 Wins- 2 Losses

Of 46 Competitors, For debate speaker points
1st Place Chris Brown
Tied 3rd Place Henry Clark and Jared Valentine

Extemporaneous Commentary
4th Place Dametre Martin
7th Place Henry Clark
9th Place Nicole West

Extemporaneous Speaking
5th Place Chris Brown
6th Place- Jacob King
7th Place- Carter Thomas

Informative Speaking
2. Chris Brown
4. Dametre Martin
5 Jared Valentine

Original Oration
2nd Place      Carter Thomas
3rd Anne Coss
4th Jacob King

Humorous Interpretation
1st and a Command Performance-   Seth Chernick
5th–   Ethan Thomas

Duet Acting
5th Place- Bella Roberts & Henry Clark
8th Place- Dametre Martin & Nicole West

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