Snow Day

Winter finally showed up and due to inclement weather, Ketchikan high school has canceled all after school activities and practices today.
Loreli Richardson is Kayhi’s office manager and said the decision to call a school day is not the schools.
“A snow day is actually called when the buses feel that it is too slick to transport the kids to and from school,” said Richardson.
After the bus company decides that the roads are too slick for safe passage, they notify the superintendent, who then relays to the school district and the parents of students that the buses are unable to make routes due to hazardous conditions.
“It would be by 6 a.m. because we do have a zero hour,” said Richardson in regards to the timeframe a snow day call has to be made.
There is also an option for a two hour delayed start that has school hours begin at 10 a.m. with 40 minute class periods throughout the day.
Though snow fall is still expected, its forecast is to stop in the early morning and school is scheduled to start on time.

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