1st Annual Pep Club Dodgeball Tournament

Kayhi Pep Club will be hosting their 1st annual dodgeball tournament this Saturday Feb. 9th at 12:30p.m. Teams will consist of seven to ten players and the cost per team is $50.
Money will go to Pep Club to travel to the regional basketball tournament in Sitka.
Pep Club president Carter Thomas hopes to take 25 students, and estimates that the cost will be around $7000.
“We have been fundraising all year. We’ve done doors for basketball games, bake sales, and now a dodgeball tournament. Because we are provided no money from the school to travel, we have to fundraise all of the cost to go to regions,” said Thomas. “We are hoping to bring about 25 pep club members, but because we need close to seven grand, each member might have to pay a small fee to cover the rest.”
To sign up email kingspepclub@gmail.com with your team name, your captains name, and their phone number, or sign up at the door.

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