Students take climate survey Wed.

By Cade McAllister
Staff Writer

Students will be taking the Climate and Connectedness Survey on Wednesday in advisory class. Mr. McClory said that the school uses the survey to discover how to find out what the students like and dislike about certain things in the school, and that they are really trying to help make it a good place for students to work.
“Schools try to use the student data to try to determine whether or not there are things they’re doing well,” said McClory. “They want to create a positive environment in which kids can work, or if there are things where there a deficits.”
For this survey, students do not need a permission slip to participate. This survey occurs every year for the school.
“If they’re not going to do this for themselves, I would hope they would take the survey in an attempt to give data that will help the school come up with plans to make it a better school for the next year of kids,” he said.
It is an opportunity for students to express what they dislike about the school and help the school change it.
“It’s your chance to do more than complain,” said McClory. “It’s your chance to give specific feedback, they want to create a safe environment.”

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