Staff Pick 2/13

School climate surveys are…

Micah Britt: I think the school climate surveys are a waste of time. The school forced us to take it and unlike last year not give out any type of incentive. Last year the school gave out prizes like a laptop, a fitbit, and tablet. Without the incentive most of my peers put in random answers so they could get done faster, or they wouldn’t do it at all. In my opinion all of the information from the surveys never gets used to improve the school, and the school only wants the money for tests for upperclassmen.

Cristopher Carlson: The school climate survey is a good resource for our school and staff to know how the students really feel. I feel like if you’re in high school you are mature and old enough to answer the questions honestly and take them seriously. Based on how our classmates answer the questions they can change the direction of our school and how our school safety operates. The questions that were on the survey are very important and relevant for high schoolers. Our staff is trying to understand what goes on in students lives and how to help them out and make the high school experience safer and better for everyone.

Carter Thomas: I think that school climate surveys are a great way to get a deeper understanding of how our students at Kayhi are feeling. Our staff needs to know if students feel safe at school and at home, what the drug and violence atmosphere is like, and many other questions these surveys ask. They may seem like a drag when you are forced to sit and take them with your class, but they provide good intel for the school. They can move our district to change the way they do things. At the strategic planning meeting for our district, they used many of these surveys when discussing different topics. Those numbers moved the committee to take action on certain topics such as safety. They take 20 minutes to complete, but can have drastic effects on our schools.

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