Boys sweep Edgecumbe

Brandon Wieber
Staff Writer

Kayhi Kings (14-8, 4-0) swept Mt. Edgecumbe (4-12) this weekend in Sitka. The first game on Friday Kayhi beat the Braves 67-52, then on Saturday 72-56. This was the first time this season Kayhi didn’t lose the first game of a road trip.
“It felt good to end that trend of losing the opening game of the series,” senior Cody Kemble said. “Hopefully it will carry with us and we’ll be able to keep the win streak.”
Kayhi had the chance to play on the Region V tournament floor. Junior Chris Lee scored 50 points over the weekend.

Saturday: Chris Lee 30, Marcus Lee 12, Jake Taylor 11, Kristian Pihl 9, Wyatt Barajas 5, Kyle Smith 3, Robert Hilton-Seludo 2.

Friday: Chris Lee 20, Jake Taylor 7, ER Caparas 7, Kyle Smith 6, Kristian Pihl 6, Cody Kemble 5, Wyatt Barajas 4, James Nordlund 4, Marcus Lee 2, Robert Hilton-Seludo 2, Gavin Salazar 2.

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