Correa wins ACT award


Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

Franklyn Correa was recently chosen as Alaska’s ACT Student Champion.
The ACT Student Champion Award awards one student from each state with a $500 scholarship, certificate, and state-level recognition.
Kayhi academic counselor Robert Mcclory believes that this accomplishment reflects the school and the level of education Kayhi offers highly.
“It really speaks to his level of ability and achievement and dedication,” McClory said.
“Whenever I look at the accomplishments that our kids have here, I think it speaks well of the high school. Our school provides an environment that kids feel capable of applying for these awards.”
Correa came from the Philippeans and spoke zero English. He does not have the financial stability that other families have in the community, and currently works at mcdonalds, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.
“He is an inspiration, and I think his story is an inspiration to others,” McClory said. “ACT has recognized him for that, and use his story to inspire other people.”
The application is a big part in deciding the winner for our state. Franklyn Correa believes his essay was the main reason he was chosen.
“I think my essay about my passion in engineering is what made me stand out from other applicants,” said Correa. “I simply just wrote about the future that I am striving towards.”
Although Correa as declined to offer names of the schools he has applied for, he believes this award will help him get accepted.
“I’ve applied to several schools, and every little bit helps,” Correa said. “Other than essays and test scores, scholarships and awards help show diligence and perseverance in an application.”
Correa scored a 25 (out of 36) on the ACT. He said he understands that this is not an overwhelmingly impressive score, hence the reason for the essay portion.
“That is why there is an essay portion, to give applicants a chance to describe themselves in a way that a test cannot,” said Correa. “So for students who are struggling with tests, know that you are not alone. Don’t be discouraged to dream big because with enough passion and determination, you’ll reach that dream somehow.”


  • A minimum composite ACT score of 22, or a Gold ACT WorkKeys.
  • An essay
  • A strong leader
  • A student who has overcome obstacles, have a future plan, and draw inspiration from their life experiences


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