Reality Check

Jenna Miller
Staff Writer

The worst news I had ever heard came from a radiologist, and now thats what I want to be.
Going into the medical field is such a great thing, and everyone is always so proud when you say you want to be in that field. But what they don’t understand, and don’t think of, is the hard part of it.
Going to work everyday, doctors and nurses and even radiologists not only have the ability to save someone’s life and to make it better, but also can destroy it in just a few words. And that’s the part that no one takes into consideration. It’s all about saving lifes, but no one sees what happens behind the scenes.
My perception on the medical field has changed. Growing up, and until the beginning of this year, I thought that going in that direction was going to be fun, somewhat easy. I soon realized that some parts will be fun, and no part of it is going to be easy.
Since I’ve been taking a CNA course, I’ve realized that it’s not all fun and games. I’ve been exposed to the worst parts of the medical field without even having to experience it myself.
Driving home from practice, school, or even just going on a drive, I find my mind wandering off into unknown territory. I get burdened with the questions ‘why are we here on this earth?’ or ‘what comes after we take our last breath?’
All of us kids are trying to find out where we stand on this earth. So we’re left by ourselves as a human trying to figure out the most important things in life. Teachers are trying to tell me to do journalism and learn about the government, all while trying to keep up with my CNA work. In the meantime here I am thinking about dying, what happens afterwards and how I’ll cope with those questions in my chosen field.
In a way, everyone has to deal with the potential worst part of a job. With being a Vet means dealing with sick animals, Police have the burden of dealing with bad guys and the possibility of being shot on site. Fisherman have the fish to worry about, and what’s going to happen if they don’t catch anything. I found that choosing a career is not about the job title, it’s the job description.
But I’m a senior and I don’t want to think too much about that. I just want to sit here, eat my Pop Tart and think about cheer practice.

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