Boys Sweep, Earn No.1 Seed

The Kings (16-8, 6-2) swept Thunder Mountain (11-15, 4-4) in their last 2 home games of the year.  Kayhi beat TM 62-37 on Friday then again on Saturday 61-46.
Saturday night, senior ER Caparas started the game with two three-pointers for the Kings. Junior Chris Lee finished with 26 points and hit 3 consecutive three-pointers late in the third period.
Beating TM on Saturday officially put the Kings in the No. 1 seed for the Region V tournament. The last time the Kings were ranked No. 1 for Regions, this years seniors were freshmen.
“We knew we were already going to be number one seed because of the point differential we had, but it helped solidify that spot after sweeping Thunder Mountain,” said senior Cody Kemble. “It was nice to finally get one seed after not having it for the past 2 years. We’re setting ourselves up for success.”

Saturday-Kayhi: Chris Lee 26; Marcus Lee 6; ER Caparas 6; Robert Hilton-Seludo 6; Cody Kemble 5; Kyle Smith 4; Jake Taylor 3; Kristian Pihl 3; Gavin Salazar 2.

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