Dance Team Aims for Superior

Photo by Elizabeth Porter-Barnes

Cristopher Carlson
Staff Writer

The K-Highlites have been rated Superior consecutively since 2012 at the Region V tournament and are looking to further that streak. The dance team will compete in front of professional judges and will be given a rating from 0-100. Senior Captain Jacie Johansen explained how different dance competitions are compared to other sports.
“We don’t really win, there is no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place,” said Johansen. “Each team is judged and will receive a rating out of 100 and each team has the opportunity to win the same ranking.”
The team will be judged on their theme, costumes, facial expressions, and the overall presentation of the routine. Senior Officer Molly O’Brien is going into the competition with a sense of reality that the judges can be a little biased and they can’t control everything.
“It’s always a gamble with the judges because you never know who you will get” said O’Brien. “Sometimes they love us and sometimes they give us lower scores simply because they don’t like what we are wearing. Usually they are pretty fair and reasonable but you have to rely on your team to be ready and execute and I think we are prepared for whoever comes”.
The K-Highlites have been practicing for 10 hours a week perfecting the region routine. Senior Captain Alyssa Mendoza spoke on how they have been preparing for the region competition.
“We do our regions routine multiple times a week and work on every little detail such as positioning, formation, and facial expressions” said Mendoza. “We got our routine back in the beginning of January and have been working on making it our own with our certain skill sets we have individually”.
The region routine is very different and complex compared to what the K-Highlites perform during halftime at the basketball games. The halftime routines are only 1.5-2 minutes long while the region routine is up to 6.5 minutes of continuous dancing. The region routine will contain different styles of dancing mixed together with costume changes and props.
Head Coach Alma Parker is feeling very confident and excited for the region routine.
“I feel we have a strong routine that also pulls in a lot of various strengths we have such as tumbling and hip hop tricks. We have visuals and an array of props that help bring the routine all together” said Parker. “Our theme for the routine is especially meaningful to us this season so we are putting a lot of heart into it”.

Region V Ratings
Superior: 90-100
Excellent: 80-89
Good: 70-79
Comments: Below 70

Jacie Johansen (Captain)
Alyssa Mendoza (Captain)
Molly O’Brien (Officer)
Natalie Shay (Officer)
Emelie Shay (Officer)

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