Historical Setting

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Sullivan Schulz
Staff Writer

This year Regions is being held in Sitka at Mount Edgecumbe High school. The significance of playing in Mount Edgecumbe’s gym is that it was converted from a WWII airplane hanger to a high school gym. In 1947 the air base was converted to a boarding school for rural kids in Alaska who didn’t have the opportunity for high school education in their village.

Senior Jake Taylor said he appreciates the history when playing at Mt. Edgecumbe.

“I get a new sense of appreciation when we travel to Edcumbe,” Taylor said. “I don’t think about it too much though, when it’s game time I’m only focusing on the game.”

Not only is the history of Mount Edgecumbe’s gym interesting, but the environment is. The gym has little insulation, so it tends to be super cold inside. The large gym has two courts inside. The amount of space behind each basket is different, which hinders a players depth perception when shooting.

Senior Kyle Smith enjoys playing in Edgecumbe but notices the difficulties about playing there.

“It’s definitely my favorite place for regions besides home,” Smith said. “I’ve noticed a few odd things, but nothing severe, but I’ve definitely noticed the depth perception change it throws off some of our shots.”

Even the lighting in the gym is odd depending on where you stand in the gym said senior Cody Kemble.

“When you’re shooting from either corner you get blinded,” Kemble said. “You can’t follow your shot or else you get blinded by the odd lighting in the gym.”

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