ED Rising to compete at state

Kayhi’s Ed Rising team will travel to the state competition today at UAS Juneau. Educators Rising is a 13-member team of Kayhi students who are aspiring teachers led by Mrs.Shelton.

They will compete in how to express their knowledge in children’s literature, how to present lesson plans as teachers, and presenting a creative lecture on school safety. This is the first year at the state competition where students will compete individually instead of as a team.

Teacher-Leader (coach) Shelton is feeling very confident in Senior Kari Montero.

“Kari is one of our strongest members” said Shelton. “The last two years she has made it to nationals and has been talking all year about going for her 3rd year in a row, she brings a positive attitude and i’m very excited to see her results”.

Only two students have represented Kayhi in nationals, Emma Shelton (class of 2018) and senior Kari Montero.

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