PEAKS Testing

Wyatt Barajas
Staff Writers

Wednesday wrapped up PEAKS testing for underclassmen at Kayhi. The test is an annual assessment of Alaska schools in English, mathematics and science.
Principal Bob Marshall said the testing went easy with only a few minor hiccups due to miscommunications.
“Other than kids not having their laptops charged, the testing went flawless,” said Marshall. “Luckily the district provided computers for those kids and the actual test had no errors.”
This years testing schedule had student in advisory classes instead of different workshops everyday. Kayhi senior Cody Kemble said he used the time to catch up on some stuff and just have some down time.
“Although I like having 3 hours of dodgeball and a few off days from class,” said Kemble. “This years schedule was very beneficial. A lot of scholarships have early April deadlines and I have been gone a decent amount lately for sports, so the long advisory classes helped me catch up on all of my work.”
The school will be getting the test results in by the end of the school year, and use them to help placement of students in classes.

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