Softball Season in Full swing

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

Softball season is underway. The team features four seniors, six juniors, seven sophomores, and nine freshmen. Kayhi will begin their season in Las Vegas with a varsity trip April 15-17.
The team has twelve returning varsity players from last season. Kayhi is coming off a second place finish at state last season where they lost to Thunder Mountain. The Lady Kings lost two seniors from last season’s squad, Alex Boegler and Molly Murdock. Current senior Payton Simmons is out for the season with a torn ACL.
Senior Jenna Miller said that she is looking forward to this season and what the team can do.
“I think we have a lot of good energy coming out of last year. We only lost two seniors and have been working to fill those spots,” said Miller. “Our first home games are against Thunder Mountain and I’m excited. They lost a few key players last year so as long as we’re able to get on top of them and hit the ball I think we have a really good shot at beating them.”

2019 Schedule
4/19-20 vs TMHS
4/26-27 vs JDHS
5/3-4 @ Sitka
5/9-11 @ JDHS & TMHS
5/17-18 vs Sitka
5/24-25 Regions @ Sitka
5/30-6/1 State @ Anchorage

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