Lady kings 1-1 in conference

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings went 2-1 against the defending state champions, Thunder Mountain, this weekend. Kayhi won the first game 10-5, lost the second 11-7, and won the final game 7-4.

Game 1

In the first inning Kayloni Bermudez lined a bases clearing double to take a 3-0 lead. Kiara Hodges hit an infield single in the second to push the Kayhi lead to 4-0. After three innings Kayhi lead the Falcons 8-3, and tacked one more run on in the fourth. Kayhi held on and won 10-5.

K. Hodges- 1-4
E. Rauwolf- 1-3, RBI
M. Parker- 0-1
J. Miller- 0-4
G. Clark- 0-2
J. Schultz- 1-3
L. Guevarra- 1-3
K. Bermudez- 3-4, 6 RBI
D.Borer- 2-3

Game 2

Thunder Mountain jumped out to a quick 1-0 lead to start the game. Kayhi responded with a run of their own in the second, but the Falcons scored again making it 2-1. In the bottom the the fourth Kayhi tied things up, but in the top of the fifth Thunder Mountain took the lead, 5-3. The Falcons put up 5 more runs in the sixth and another in the seventh. Kayhi rallied in the bottom of the seventh, plating four runs, but fell short, losing 11-7.

K. Hodges- 1-3, RB
E. Rauwolf- 0-2
B. Gentry- 0-3
J. Miller- 1-4
H. Moody- 1-2
G. Clark- 1-2, 2 RB
J. Schultz- 3-4
L.Guevarra- 0-2
K. Bermudez- 1-4, RBI
D. Borer- 1-2, RBI

Game 3

Kayhi got the scoring going in the first inning with three runs, and scored another three runs in the second to take a 6-0 lead. In the fourth, they added another run the their lead bringing the score to 7-0. After five innings the Thunder Mountain pulled closer 7-4, but Kayhi held on and won by that score.

K. Hodges- 1-4
E. Rauwolf- 0-3
B. Gentry- 3-4, 2RBI
J. Miller- 1-2
M. Parker- 0-1, BB
H. Moody- 0-1
G. Clark- 0-1
J. Schultz- 2-4, 2RBI
L- Guevarra- 0-1
K. Bermudez- 0-1

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