Track Wins at home

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

Track took first place in their first home meet of the season. Beating Juneau Douglas by 68 points (228-160), the Kings have now taken first in 2 of their 3 meets. The Kings also had eight 1st placers in their individual events.

Senior Cristopher Carlson said that he is confident for the regional tournament, but they need to remember that Thunder mountain was handicapped this meet.

“I’m feeling really confident for regions, we have been crushing it,” said Carlson. “But we have to give ourselves a reality check. TM only brought 15 student athletes, and when we go to Juneau they will have about 40.”  

Carlson entered the season attempting to shave 2 seconds off of his hurdle time. Along with shaving off 1 ½ seconds, he PR’ed in every event he competed in.

“I PR’ed in every event this meet,” said Carlson. “I’m really impressed with my times this year and how I’ve been improving, and it feels great to be so close to my goal.”

The Kings next meet will be in Sitka this weekend. Because of prom, upperclassmen have the option to stay.

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