Staff Pick

Tourism is…

Jenna Miller: I love tourism. I mean, how could you not love it when there’s an extra 10,000 people in your home town crowding the sidewalks and walking out right in front of you when you’re driving. It’s also really fun that during the busiest time of the year there’s road construction going on downtown. It would make no sense to start these projects in the winter when nothing is going on. So thank you Ketchikan for choosing the most inconvenient time to do all this. Sincerely, everyone.

Madison Rose: What this town thrives off of. Ketchikan has sold its soul to the tourist industry and heavily depends for cruise ships to come. Revillagigedo needs these people to come and carelessly spend money so downtown stores and businesses can stock up and make a living. (Along with charter fishermen, tour guides, pilots, restaurants, and basically everyone who lives here.) Many people complain about the tourist season, but Ketchikan has grown a lot from this and without it we wouldn’t be able to provide for ourselves. On the other hand, we continue to entrust in this system and give up more towards tourism, rather than looking for better solutions. We tear down our roads and rebuild the side walks so they are more suitable for the visitors (who come once a year), while the local people are forced to handle construction in their daily lives. Are we actually becoming successful and making progress? Or have we made things worse for ourselves and become so desperate that we are willing to drain ourselves before tourism does.

Liam Kiffer: Tourism Is awesome. Most of the year, downtown Ketchikan is entirely dead. Besides Parnassus Book and Gifts, they’re open year round, 6 days a week. But other than them and a few other stores, downtown Ketchikan is almost completely empty. Tourism wakes up the downtown and makes the city feel alive again. I know people don’t really like tourists because they can be dumb, but I know I’d act the same way I was in a different country too. It’s so fun to see tons of new faces in town and meet new people from all over the world.

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