Banner Year For Kayhi

Kayhi has won state championships in basketball, cheerleading and NOSB so far this year

Wyatt Barajas
Staff Writer

Anytime you have students winning multiple state titles in the same year, you know it’s been a solid year that will be memorable for the rest of your life. Junior Laura Sherill is one of those students. On top of being part of the state title NOSB team, Sherill was also apart of the state title Kayhi cheer team.

“Winning state for NOSB was unreal,” said junior Laura Sherill. “It was so much fun. Definitely the highlight of my year.”

What made the experience even more unique was the service to the community. The topic was monitoring bacteria levels on our local beaches.

“People don’t know about our waters and that was the topic for the research paper,” said Sherill.

History was also made on the basketball court, senior Marcus Lee said the success in basketball is by far his favorite memory.

“Hands down, winning state for basketball,” said Lee. “It’s something we did as a team that was primarily seniors, and it adds to all our memories of playing over the years, plus made the community proud and that makes it that much sweeter.”

Senior Donald Rayner said the connection to your life long friends for the last time is his favorite part of the year.

“The best part of senior year has definitely been this last quarter,” said Rayner. “It’s been great to look back and see how much I’ve grown and changed. It’s a good time to reflect on the memories that have been made and to appreciate the friends you have made along the way.”

Rayner said things like prom, skip day, painting the road, and the paper toss add to the senior experience.

Vice principal Cole Maxwell said he was amazed at how well our clubs and sports teams did on the state level.

“2019 class can take a decent amount of credit,” said Maxwell. “Not all the credit, for the number of state qualifiers. The amount of kids in choir, band, ACDC, NOSB, football, both basketball teams making it to state tournament. Plus we still have to see what the five active sports can do, the track kids, baseball and softball, even the soccer teams. It seems that every activity has made an impact at state competitions, this whole year has been like holy crud, 2019 put Kayhi on the map.”

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