Staff Pick

Seniors! End of the year projects are…

Cody Kemble: They aren’t as bad as people make them. Most students just use the projects as something to complain about. By this point in my HS career, I am used to doing these. I know that I have to make time to do them and just go little by little and not just do it all in one night.

Tarrant Sasser: Stressful, but not that bad. I’ve been used to a huge workload around  this time a year from studying for finals. This year with no finals to study for the last couple projects make it feel like a normal ending. Although, sports and work haven’t made it easy. I would probably be done with them already if I didn’t leave town every weekend.

Cristopher Carlson: Kind of pointless. I just feel like teachers make us do them to keep us busy for the last couple weeks of school. It’s hard finding time to get them done with everything going on at the end of the year. Everything is just now starting to get chaotic and busy with graduation coming up and all the senior activities and  Regions for all the sports. They just add on extra stress towards the end of the year that is unwanted and needed. I’d rather take a final test or exam at the end of the year that’s based on what we’ve learned in the class than write an 8 page paper that’s heavily weighted based on one subject or topic.

Jonathan Barron: Overwhelming and overall pointless. Seniors should be able to enjoy their last month of highschool without the stress of heavily weighted projects that affect their overall letter grade. Many of us have already enough on our minds with sports, scholarships, AP exam prep, and passing the classes that are graduation requirements. The whole reason for teachers to assign hefty projects is to accomodate for a final typically and a reflection of what they learned over the year. I can understand that, but overall the majority of us seniors have already lost motivation to do much more and will not try as hard as we would earlier in the year resulting in not our best effort which isn’t a true reflection of what we learned. Therefore, those big projects are essentially a waste of everyone’s time and overall pointless.

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